Qground control can't received full set of parameters

Hi, I use ULRS( ultimate long rang system) to improve the rang of RC and telemetry signal. Everything works fine except the qground control which is the mobile version. the qground control can’t received full set. of parameters.i gues
s the lost rate too high, but it’s not too much noise in the flight field, becase the other guy using this system have the same problem. is this bug of qground control? can anyone resolve this problem?
F405 wing installed arduplane 3.9.9, mission planner works fine.

15% seems a bit high, it must be enough to cause failure. I would talk to the telemetry manufacturer to find out if that is a reasonable number. I would think there may be a telemetry setup problem. QGC will retry 5 times to get parameters it didn’t get on the original download.

Mission Planner works fine because I don’t think it ever gives up on parameter download unless you cancel it manually.

But you still have a high loss rate on your telemetry which means you can run into problems if you are asking to vehicle to do something in a possible emergency situation, the packet is lost and the vehicle doesn’t respond. This is why QGC gives up after a certain number of retries and shows an error. Then the user knows there is a possible telemetry problem it may be unsafe to fly with.