QGCS in Android didn't support geo fence

hi, Why do QGCS don’t support geo fence? it works at MP, but i can’t set geo fence in GCS Android version. geo fence is very important feature.

It’s a different implementation that QGC currently does NOT support

Thanks Luisvale,
does any body know which GCS in Android support geo-fence ?that is a really good feature to reduce crash accident.The PC is DIM in outside door and the battery can’t support long time running .

Soon, we will be able to get the fence and a few more things integrated in a better way. Check what was done by the Canberra team regarding exclusion zones on this article http://canberrauav.org.au/outback-challenge-2018-debrief/

Hi Luis

Is there any updates on this topic?

Is it possible to even just display the geofence boundaries on the QGCS android app?


This doesn’t have anything to do with QGC. The vehicle firmware needs to support the new mavlink spec. If you are using latest ArduCopter over mavlink v2 for example geo-fence and rally point support should light up in QGC.