QGC Waypoint Documentation

Is there a document that explains the QGC waypoints (Basic and Advanced) and maybe a comparision to Mission Planner Waypoint?

Trying to learn QGC and some things in MP that seem simple are not working for me in QGC.

Hello @Rockbus

Have you ever checked this?


It is not super complete, but I think you can understand the basics of it.

Yes I have read that page. I am looking for more documentation on Delay and Conditionals.

I ran a test expecting the delay to stay in 3d space while waiting but it did not seem to do so. Nor did it seem to wait as long as I asked.

On MP I can use Loiter. But loiter on QGC requires a position. And I thought delay would just stay where it was for x seconds.

I’ll do more tests, maybe the response I see is just typical gps errors.