QGC Rover, Follow Me

Follow me mode with rover is working through mission planner but currently there’s no mobile app that supports this feature. Is there any chance we could see this feature added to a future QGC release?

That’s pretty much what asked just the other day, here. No replies there yet, either…

It’s a great feature but unfortunately limited right now if you have to lug around a laptop + GPS running MP. There was a positive response today from a developer in the Tower forum. Hopefully someone will tackle it soon.

Follow Me is currently only support with PX4 Pro firmware and QGroundControl. I’ll add an issue to add it for ArduPilot. Won’t happen till next release.

Thanks for following up. If it makes it into a beta and you need a tester, just shout.

Is there any update on this?
MP’s 2 Hz injection rate is pretty low to follow a car ! :smiley: