QGC on Android phone seems to lose calibrations

I installed a MxK 405 wing in an aircraft and followed the setup instructions for Arduplane using Mission Planner. Calibrated the accs, compass and radio and the aircraft seemed to be operating correctly.

Connected to QGC with Android phone and telemetry radio. QGC tells me all the calibrations are not done, so I go through the list and try to do them again. Up until radio, calibration is OK, but QGC will only let me calibrate throttle, asks me to do the next surface and won’t proceed.

I’m wondering if there’s an issue with my hardware, although if I come back to MP the calibrations are recognised still so something must have stuck. I am not experienced with QGC, first time, is there something I’m not doing that is causing MP calibrations not to be recognised?

Why is the radio calibration not proceeding? One would expect an error message if it can’t continue but I don’t see one.

This can happen if you have say a Taranis and it is configured in a way that is not sending the full range of PWM values. Hence QGC never detects the throttle movement because it doesn’t think the stick move far enough to be valid.

There are ways build in to QGC to debug what is going on here. The best way is to enter a GitHub Issue: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues. And then we can continue discussion there.

I will do that, but as I said it recognises the throttle movement and calibrates that OK, it’s the next step that it doesn’t do. All outputs are standard for OpenTX, ±100%.

I am suspecting a problem with this FC, either with the firmware on it or the hardware.

In Mission Planner for example when I power up the FC I get messages telling me that it is in RTL mode. After a time the motor powers up and the aircraft seems to behave as if it’s trying to RTL to somewhere. I have the arming checks set to 1 (all) and wonder why I get motor running when it’s not been armed.