QGC now reads and writes Mission Files on Android 12. Direct USB connection still doesn't recognize serial port

Today I discovered a version of Qgroundcontrol that reads and writes mission files on Android 12.

Congrats to the QGC DEV Team!!!

This version is only on the QGC install page - not on Google Play Store: Download and Install · QGroundControl User Guide

I’m not sure if the ability to save LOG files is complete. I had some trouble getting that to work.

When saving and loading mission files, no directory structure is shown - so it looks like these “files” are simply stored as app data. It would be nice to be able to move mission and log files around as data files - but this is a wonderful first step.

Every since I first used QGC a year or so ago, I’ve never been able to get QGC on my Android tablet to connect to my Orange Cube using a direct USB (OTG) cable. For some reason, QGC doesn’t recognize a serial port with this connection.

It works fine with my SiK radios - the COMM page shows a serial port of something like “bus/usb/001/002” when using my SiK radios. It shows no serial ports available when attaching a direct USB cable from my tablet to my Cube.

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions - Thank you!