QGC - Not recognising VTOL in mission

I have a new MK15 from siyi (foxtech) Initial setup of QGC included setting to VTOL and vtol options appear in flight modes from drop down screen, however in mission it wants to set glide path for fix wing landing and also wont let me do fence or Rally settings. VTOL Nimbus, Arduplane 4.0.9… No concerns when connected to MP 1.3.75. I have been changing between QGC and MP to indentify functionality of this controller does this create a known issue?
Is this just a glitch or am I missing a hidden (I can’t find it )setting

did you find a solution for this, im also suffering from the same issue :frowning:

Due to the restriction of only 3 flight modes This controller was not suitable for my VTOL so I did not persue it further

Take care


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