QGC Custom Android Version (64bit) available

First of all thanks to all the developers who have been involved in creating QGC - past and present.

I’m not a developer nor do I claim to be one. But due to certain layout and sizing issues I’ve found it difficult to use QGC on Android devices with a small screen. - see example below.

So I’ve tried to find the custom example version which is available as source code on GitHub but couldn’t find anyone who was willing to supply a working version. (Compile it)
As a consequence I’ve decided to try myself and have spent many hours over the past few months.
The result is my own build for Android - available here:

Use at own risk. Happy to get some productive feedback.

Has been tested on Android 9 using SIYI’s MK15

The result can be seen below:


  • Discovered flight modes are only announced in numbers, not actual flight-mode-name. → I’m working on it
  • The recording button is useless on SIYI’s MK15 and similar devices as will not work with supplied camera system. → I’m working on a version without it so even more screen area will be freed up.

Thank you so much @Karl_Schoelpple for sharing this. I really appreciate your work, you have made a good amount of changes and now it looks a colourful and cool.

I want to ask you one thing, I am not able to see the fpv video feed from my plugged-in analog video receiver. Is there any way to see the feed? In the windows version my analog receiver appears as a USB2.0 Camera but nothing shows in the Android version.

Is it the driver issue and do you know any way how I can fix this? really looking forward to your response.


I am please to hear you like my version/build.
On an Android device you can use an app that converts USB Camera signal to a RTSP stream. Then you can set this up in QGroundControl and it should work.
Found a video showing how to do this. (Just don’t blame me for the background music):

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Thank you so much @Karl_Schoelpple
I really appreciate your efforts for sharing this video. Now it will work good.

Just one more thing, how hard is to make some custom changes for someone like me (who does not know much about it)?

I just want to give it a try to change few things (mostly Icons, names and sizes). Can you please guide me which files in the source code I need to update? and If possible can you share your updated source code? (Then I need to make very minimum changes).

Thanks for the help Man. I am really enjoying your custom App.

As mentioned in the intro, I’m not a developer. I’ve spent countless hours trying to achieve this and due to poor and outdated documentation had to find my own solution to various problems.

Changing simply one icon to another could possibly be done by just replacing existing one with your icons. But everything else is much more involved and source code is based on:

  • Python
  • C++
  • Java

More info here:

Source code is taken from:

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Thanks! @Karl_Schoelpple,

I can understand that it is complex and there is no proper updated documentation available. I will try to start it on my own, can I ask you for some help or advice if I will stuck somewhere?
Thanks again for sharing the wonderful custom build.

You can certainly ask. Will try to help if possible.
There is also the QGC chapter on the PX4 forum. I believe some of the developers are active there.

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