QGC Copter Waypoint Menu of Parameters

Hi there, Where can I find a menu to explain the parameters for QGC waypoints fop a copter? example for loiter turns, I see Parm 1 thru 4 I figured out 3 is Radius or Diameter. What are the other param?

Also not just loiter but all the waypoints basic and others.

thank you

Are you entering in the advance setup for commands? From what I remember, for the most common commands the simple user interface has all the variables of interest.

Yes that is how I can get to the loiter waypoint.

Did a little test today for loiter turns and param 1 is the number of turns.

The other param must be ccw of cw.

Someone must have the Rosetta Stone.

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Maybe this reference can help you with this

Thank you thank you Bruno!!!

You saved me so much time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Nice man! Keep pushing!