QGC - Battery Calibration

So I want to use two(moving on to three at a later date) 6S Li-ion batteries for my fixed wing. I want more flight time, so I’m assuming connecting them in parallel would be the way to go (for the same voltage of a 6S, but double/triple the capacity). Now lets say I go with this. When doing the battery calibration in QGC, I’m thinking these values for the inputs:

Number of Cells(in Series): 6S
Full Voltage(Per Cell): 4.2V
Empty Voltage ( per cell): 3.3V

Would I still use 6S for the number of cells(in series), when connecting the batteries in parallel? And for series, would I just put 12S for 2 batteries and 18S for 3 batteries? For the voltage divider/amps per volt calculations, should i also connect my batteries in either parallel/series(whichever one i choose), before actually taking the current/voltage measurements?

On a side note, I had a 3S 1000mah lipo that went to around 7-8 Volts just over night. Would I be correct to assume it’s a bad battery now? Before, my battery charger didn’t even recognize it as a 3S but as a 2S, which leads me to think it went bad just after getting it. I’m a bit new to this still, so thanks for any help :smiley: