QGC Arm/Disarm button off cell phone screen

If I press ¨Ready to fly¨ on the toolbar the Sensor Status screen appears on my cell phone. The list is long and extends below the screen where at the bottom I expect the Arm slider. Unfortunately I cannot scroll the contents down (not scrollable).
I can Arm/Disarm with right/left rudder but hesitate to use it on my FuncubXL, because unwanted disarming during spin. But I like to disarm after landing for security reasons.
On my tablet the whole list is shown, including Arm/Disarm, and working.
Setup: Horus X10S with Crossfire, Matek 765 Wing FC.

Waiting for your ideas, Maarten.

Took some time, but I found a way to solve the problem in v4.1.1 64 bit Android, by:
Application Settings / General / Fly View
scroll down to Miscellaneous
Change the UI scaling as required to adept to the full Sensor Status screen. Learning all the time.

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