QGC Android (Daily), decimap point on the battery "current" displayed is wrong

The decimal for battery current seem to be at the wrong place But it clearly says A.
The decimal should be 2 digits to the left then it would be correct.
In the picture below the vehicle is using 12.84A (not 1284A :open_mouth: )


On a side not, you are doing and awesome job with QGC, I like it more and more everyday.

PS: there is another data under the “battery” section, called “time remaining” or something like that. When that is selected it does not show any data. Just “00” or “…”. Even thought I was flying a mission and the speed was configured. That should be a calculated data if I understand correctly.

Fixed: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/pull/9205

This comes from BATTERY_STATUS.time_remaining telemetry. It’s up to the firmware to send it. You should be able to use mavlink inspector to see the raw value being sent from the vehicle. If the value in the inspector looks valid but QGC is showing crap let me know. If the value = 0 then the firmware isn’t sending the value and you should report firmware bug.

Thank you, awesome.

The Firmware is ArduCopter latest stable. Not sure if this is a PX4 only feature? The Battery Status time

BATTERY_STATUS is generic mavlink telemetry anything should support it. Nothing specific to PX4 firmware.

I just got confirmation that ArduPlane and Arducopter sends 0 all the time.

Hey Don, sorry, I was checking Play store today and the (daily) version there shows last update 8th nonmember. How can I get the version with this PR in it?

Thank you

I just noticed that as well. The damn thing broke again, sigh. Looking for a fix…

If you want to know when it gets fixed. Track this issue: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/9211

Thank you dear. Awesome work as usual

Hi Daniel,

Are you sure its working, still showing November 8th.
Is there anywhere to get latest apk file directly? Outside playstore. Thank you.

I reopened the issue with additional details.