QGC-4.4 released!

QGC-4.4 has been released!

Changes vs 4.3 are listed below

  • Camera gimbal control screen (see controls here)
  • Camera tracking functionality (PR)
  • Firmware upload supports for Control Zero Classic (PR) and FMUv6x-RT ProductID (PR)
  • GPS: init fix for RTK F9P driver when GPS is connected to GCS (PR)
  • Joystick landing gear button support (PR)
  • Offline map settings dragging fix (PR)
  • Offline map fix for exported tile set file extention (PR)
  • Polygon edge lengths shown when dragging vertex (PR)
  • PID Tuning: charts remain visible on mobile (PR)
  • RemoteId: validates EU operator ID (PR)
  • Vehicle: display distance to next WP (PR)

How to Install

The release includes “Artifacts” including installers for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Herelink. To make it easier I have provided links below.

Thanks very much to our beta testers and developers (mostly JulianOes, David Sastresas and Leonardo Simovic) who contributed to this release!



Any support for ARM yet?

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Hi @simonp54,

It sounds like this issue is what you’re referring to and it seems the port to QT6 may resolve this. This QGC-4.4 release still uses the older QT but hopefully the next version, QGC-4.5 will use QT6. I can’t promise when beta testing will start for that but I expect it will be within a few months.