Q_tilt_mask confuse!

Hi dear friends
İ astablished h frame quad plane.

I have a problem with my vtol setup, with is about tilt rotor.
Actually i know how to fix 4 tilt 4 servo and motor tilt system but i want to use only from engines as a tilt. So i need what is the true number such as (tricopter vtol number is 2+1). What is the quadcopter number? İs it 2+2? When i make Q_tilt_mask 4 and

flight modes engines stop when i tilt or when engines work 4 engines work together that’s the problem. Pls help me and is there another thing some thing to do.?

How i stop rear motors when i change Mode to fbw?

5 (0101 ie 3 + 1) would be to front two motors. If you upgrade to the latest mission planner you get ticky boxs so you dont have to work out the bitmask.

be aware that if your not moving transitions wont work as they will in real life. The best way to check the forward flight behaviour is to switch into manual first then back to fbw or arm directly into fbw.

Thank you For your Fast answer. First of all i use q ground control. İs there any problem with it.? Secontly im not sure knowing your technical works such as bitmask and ticy boxs. Could you pls show me your param list way more obvious. Now i mon the qground or mission planner panel and i doing 5 number For tilt mask.