[Q] How to set pitch-yaw-roll values to control ArduPlane?

Hello everbody I’m new in this community so I hope I’m not distubing this forum with my dumb questions, I was running ArduCopter sitl and dronekit for my project. I could able to send condition yaw and set position target for x,y,z velocities. But when I change to ArduPlane fixed wing these commands are not working any more I’m getting COMMAND_ACK: CONDITION_YAW: UNSUPPORTED for MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAWmessage and when I try to send set_position_target_local_ned_encodemessage for pitch or else I don’t get any error excep COMMAND ACK: DO_CHANGE_SPEED: ACCEPTED for my pre-defined change speed function in this case my speed is not changing. Lookslike everthing is running differen in ArduPlane SITL. Also I was reading dronekit and ardupilot wikis’ but I couldn’t find commands/messages that sorts my request. What should I do :confused:

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