Q GroundControl Android App

Has anyone successfully run QGroundControl.
Android app for mission planning with the SkyViper 2450GPS?

The app will connect with the Sky viper however I’m inside a house and no GPS lock warning comes up as well as forearm throttle below failsafe.

I would like to understand this point and adjust so that I can plan and execute a mission with just the app and perhaps the SkyViper controller?
Any guided direction would be appreciated. Thankyou

I tried once under very strong wind conditions with a very simple plan. The drone took off and immediately started to drift (blown by winds) uncontrollably. I made emergence landing crashing down. Never tried again.

That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the ground station application. QGroundControl will set waypoints and possibly trigger the auto mission, but flight control is entirely up to ardupilot running on the SkyViper’s flight controller.

You can’t fly in any GPS-enabled mode, including AUTO missions, without a valid GPS fix. If the vehicle doesn’t know where it is it can’t figure out where to go next!

What steps are needed to successfully use app to plan,save,upload to SV and run mission?

Change the SERIAL1_PROTOCOL FROM 2 TO 1. If you want to Arm the craft w/o the Tx disable “RC” in the Pre-Arm checks. I only use QGC occasionally on an iPhone (Tower and Mission Planner typically) but the Mission I had loaded to the craft via Mission Planner was able to arm and start the mission when I tried it today with QGC.

Hello Dave, new to this. I am running QGroundControl from my android phone. It is the only mission planner that automatically connects from the Android play store to the SV through udp
I was able to set one waypoint then return to land at another waypoint.

I don’t see the serial config you spoke of
In this app or others. Is this through a downloaded pc computer ?

If it connects then don’t bother with the parameter change. It sounds like you have it working. Tower and Mission Planner (PC) also work fine as GCS’s for the SV.

I have tried to load another mission using the Q groundcontrol app for Android and it seems that the last mission is not erased. Is there a parameter or procedure in ardupilot or QRC that I need to initiate

QGC isn’t my favored Ground Control Station on Android (I use Tower) and I don’t use it for Mission Planning on any platform. You may want to ask over on the QgroundControl thread.

Thanks Dave for your help!

Turn off SV transmitter before uploading mission from QGC to SV. Turn back on again after upload and start mission on app. Use transmitter to turn video and take pictures😀