I was going over my Q_ parameters today using the most recent version of Mission Planner. The Q_FRAME_CLASS options listed there look wrong to me. It lists 0 as quad and hexa as value 1. The Arduplane Parameter doco states that 0 is undefined and 1 is quad. I’m using a quad plane and mine is set to 1 so I’ll leave it at that value for now but would appreciate clarification.

the reason it is wrong is because it changed between stable and beta.
stable is still using the old format.
beta/master is using the new format.
if you are using master/beta, you need to run MP beta

It never occurred to me to use the beta for Mission Planner. Thanks for the explanation. Cheers.

Hello, Making a VTOL-fw how do I assign the pusher motor at the back. I using Servo function set to Motor5 … what do you think the q_frame class should be?