Q: Flexibility of software and copter design

I am new to this forum and to the whole Arducopter phenomena.
I can probably program the firmware/software to some extent, as in setting it up, but I am not into re-writing/modifying software at all. I am no programmer, lol.

I am designing non-standard configurations of copters, mostly as far as placement and use of motors.
Using the “Octa V” configuration for example, I am curious about the following

#1: How strict is the layout/spacing of the motors in an “Octa V” configuration? Can I have it more like a sharper “V”, or can I have two parallel rows of motors, no “V” at all?

#2: Can I use this configuration of the system on a copter that has same physical layout, but only 6 motors?, as in a “Hexa V” I guess? By simply not having/hooking up two of the first or last motors?

#3: Can I use either 8 motors, or as queried above-6 motors, and use/hook-up two of the motors with servos like a ‘Y’ Copter?

I would appreciate whatever information or experiences might apply.
Thank you.

Why do I not see a single reply, opinion, etc to this?