Q ESC Cal AC3.3+

Hi Team,
Im loading a cube orange board in a VTOL airframe.
Have loaded the latest mission planner on computer and running Arduplane V4.0.9.
When we go to calibrateESCs weget the error message re AC3.3+

Have clicked 2 for Q_enanble, then selected the correct airframe etc.
Any suggestions on what Im doing wrong in the ESC cal area?

Un-install mission planner and re-install the latest version, do not update.

Have hoped into program files and selected the APM Planner folder, used the uninstaller tool. Mission planner still opened so I went back in and deleted folders that were still sitting in the downloads folder.
Reloaded latest version from website and this is what is currently showing
Mission Planner 1.3.74 build 1.3.7563.27684 Ardu Plane V4.0.9

Is that the correct versions or has it just kept running the older system?

I went through set up from the start again and calibrated mandatory hardware etc,radio calibration etc works fine.
Still getting AC3.3+ error message.
Is there a wiring diagram anywhere in Ardu wiki showing how the servo wires should be configured for output?
I just set the 4 motors as 1-4 and then rudder, elevator Aileron and throttle

We have a second new cube orange waiting to go into a similar build, should I flash it with the latest AC firmware and use it to calibrate the four ESCs for the lift motors?