"Q_ENABLE = 1" stops GPS data on Mavlink stream with 3DR Pixhawk Mini

Hi all,

I use pixhawk mini with ArduPlane 4.0.5. for Convegence VTOL.

On the mission planner, GPS is 3D Fix, but I noticed that the latitude and longitude are not updated.
Similarly, the altitude has not been updated.

However, the Auto Mission was successful.
In addition, latitude, longitude and altitude were recorded in the Flash log.

I checked tlog file by converting it to CSV file.
I compared CSV files of Fixed wing data (same FC, 2019/7) and current data.
Current data : only mavlink_terrain_report_t
Normal data : mavlink_terrain_report_t and mavlink_gps_raw_int_t

So, I think this is due to the lack of GPS data on Mission Planner.

Also I found followings.

ArduPlane 4.0.1 & 4.0.5:
If Q_ENABLE is set to 1, MAVLINK will not send GPS information.
But during parameter reading (Dialog appears) when mission planner tries to connect with FC, GPS information is sent.
After connection successed, GPS information is stopped.
Since FC uses GPS data, auto and othe mode that uses GPS information can be used.

ArduPlane 3.9.8:
GPS information is sent even if Q_ENABLE is set to 1.

This results are on my 3DR Pixhawk mini.

Is there any workaround for 4.0.5?

2020-04-29 11-18-30-in-flight.txt (147.9 KB)

Probably the cause was understood.

As communication of telemetry became heavy, I uninstalled MissionPlanner, deleted the folder, and reinstalled.

Now the communication speed is fast and the position is also displayed.