Q_assist Fixed wing takeoff

Hello and thank you for reading.

I want to test a couple of take off procedures with my Volantex Ranger. At the moment the plane weighs close to 2800grams and is a little heavy. I am a bit limited with vertical take off and normal take off due to the motors that I have available to me.

So what I am trying to do is to have the quad motors assist the takeoff normal take-off to shorten the take off run and not use the quad motors for a full vertical take off.

Will I be able to achieve this by setting the Q_assist to for example 5 kph? in FBWA mode

What about just switching to FBW while In ground effect, and giving it full throttle. The quad motors will stabilize the the aircraft until it reaches flying speed. No need for Q_Assist to be set so low.

OK so the process would look something like this.

Start in Q_Stabilized and lift of a little and move forward then switch to FBW_A mode

Hi Barry,

I am curious how the quad assisted conventional take-off work out for you. Any insights into pros/cons and pitfalls?