Python scripting for time stamped mission

I am trying to time stamp my GPS coordinates in Mission Planner to have a drone follow a flight path such that:

  • Drone will be at coordinate lat1,lon1 at time = t1
  • Drone will be at coordinate lat2,lon2 at time = t2

I currently have a MATLAB script that gives me both of the following:

  • a .csv file containing the desired coordinates and their associated time
  • a .waypoint file that I can load directly into Mission Planner

The .waypoint file works for flying to the desired waypoints, but this gives me no control over the times the drone is at each location. I’m assuming I need to turn to using a python script to possibly ingest the .csv file and fly the mission according to the associated times. I found the python script located at the following link which does kind of what I am trying, but I’m not sure if I’m taking the best approach or if someone has any other ideas I could try? Is there any way within the .waypoint file to assign a time to each coordinate, or does it just fly to each waypoint and then automatically continue?