Pymavlink vs. MAVSDK-Python vs. DroneKit-Python for UDP receiving program

Hey there, Ardupilot enthusiast!

I’m trying to figure out which library would be the best fit for receiving a mavlink UDP broadcast from a drone using mavproxy to a computer.

Pymavlink, MAVSDK-Python, or DroneKit-Python?

I just want to receive the connection, and forward the received data into a program that will create a 2D live plot. I’m currently trying to build it using a generic pymavlink script shown below, but I’m not seeing anything yet, granted I have a bit of debugging to do on the send side as well.

So I guess the only utilities I would need from the library is one for connecting to the device and one for printing out the mavlink message.

pymavlink makes that very easy. matplotlib might help with your plot visualization as well.

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