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Pxflow - ardurover support


(Esa Attia) #1


I noticed in mission planner under optional hardware there is an optical flow section.

Can ardurover support the pxflow sensor?

I did see this on the ardurover wiki.

has this changed?

(rmackay9) #2


Rover doesn’t currently support the optical flow sensor. It certainly could though, it’s just a matter of adding a few includes into Rover.

Most rovers are too low to be able to use an optical flow sensor well I think… but we have a change coming that will allow using an upward facing optical flow sensor (or actually it can face in any direction).

All add it to the to-do list.

(David Coleman) #3

Is there any more about actual support for PX4Flow in ArduRover? The documentation implies that it’s there already, but it would obviously need a parameter to specify fixed distance or sensor for distance.

(rmackay9) #4


Flow isn’t supported in Rover but wheel encoders are. Any reason you’re keen on the optical flow? Because the rover is so close to the ground, I don’t think it’s going to work all that well… but I’m slightly new to the Rover area so happy to be corrected.

Any chance you could point out the documentation that implies flow works on Rover? I’d like to correct that implication on the wiki if possible.

(David Coleman) #5

I must have misread not seeing the part I didn’t want to see (that Rover is not among the supported platforms). No correction needed. I realize there is a lot of overlap in platform documentation. I also saw and that encouraged me in this direction.

I was looking for location capability with finer resolution than GPS and not relying on wheel turns. Computer mice are pretty close to the surface and they seem to track nicely, so it’s not obvious to me why a rover couldn’t have a flow device mounted close to the ground. I’ve seen at least one video of a rover using optical flow. They had a light shining on the ground to overcome ambient lighting variations.

(rmackay9) #6


Ok good stuff. Well, if a developer steps forward I’m very happy to guide them through adding support for optical flow to Rover. It’s not particularly hard but my plate is quite full.