PX4FLOW connection to pixhawk is wrong in the Wiki

Hi Since the beta testing for the APM copter 3.3 release candidates has started I have been excited about using the Px4flow sensor for indoor position hold and better landing, but while wiring the Px4flow to the pixhawk I noticed a couple of conflicting instructions on the wiki and the Px4flow 1.3 manual,
In the wiki the I2C connection of the Flow sensor to the pixhawk
planner.ardupilot.com/wp-content … ixhawk.png
is correct when we compare it to the manual located here
pixhawk.org/_media/modules/px4f … l-v1.3.pdf
but on close observation of the manual, schematic and the silkscreen of the Px4flow 1.3 sensor I noticed that the <1 VCC> <2 SCl> <3 SDA> <4 GND> connector pins are in-fact reversed on the actual board,
In the manual the I2C connector starts with the <1> pin closer to the edge of the board while the ground wire pin <4> is away from the edge, in concordance with this the APM wiki shows that the red wire i.e VCC is connected to the pin near the edge of the Flow sensor board and the ground wire is connected to the the pin located away from the edge
planner.ardupilot.com/wp-content … ixhawk.png
but if we go according to the silk screen on the board then the connector is reversed which can be seen here
pixhawk.org/_detail/modules/px4 … %3Apx4flow
planner.ardupilot.com/wp-content … ixhawk.png
pixhawk.org/_media/modules/px4f … c-v1.3.pdf
So I decided to simply connect the Px4flow sensor via usb and check the voltages on the individual pins on the I2C connector and as it turns out the wiki and the manual are wrong and the silkscreen is right,
the VCC pin is away from the edge while the ground pin i.e pin 4 is closer to the edge.
I hope the APM Wiki moderators fix this quickly before someone ends up frying their pixhawk or Flow sensor board