PX4Flow BeagleBoneBlue Issue


I’m trying to setup PX4Flow with BeagleBone Blue. I am running the Arducopter build for BBBlue.

I can detect the sensor using i2cdetect -r 1 and also via the @ppoirier’s PX4Flow-Python-Test (Github Repo).



However, I can’t see opt_m_x and opt_m_y changing in Mission Planner.
I have changed FLOW_ADD to 1 to match the i2c line, but not sure how the mapping works.

The PX4Flow is being powered by the PDB directly.

Thank you

The adress should be default (0x42) and the bus is 1 , as defined correctly in linux board

Do you have a rangefinder ? This is necessary in order to get the OpticalFlow working

Changing the FLOW_ADD to default 0 doesn’t work.
Still no change in opt_m_x and opt_m_y.

I have a TFMini Range Sensor connected to serial and it works. I can see the range sensor working in Mission Planner but not the PX4Flow.

Just to make sure, you use the good connector and pins :wink:

The connectors look okay since the BBBlue can detect the PX4Flow on I2C and your python script is reading the values.


I have a feeling the mapping from BBBlue I2C-1 is not same as HAL_OPTFLOW_PX4FLOW_I2C_BUS 1

What do you think?

Yeah , thats right the test works…
I will give it a try later this week

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Any luck with PX4FLow with BeagleBone Blue?

I found this for BBBlack -

I2C0: used for some on-board components (HDMI, EEPROM, power mgmt). Not brought out to any connector/header

I2C1: entirely free to use, but doesn't seem to be enabled

I2C2: entirely free to use, and works

NOTE: In software, the busses are numbered differently; I2C2 is identified as 1. I2C0 is identified as 0.

Do you think this is the case with BBBlue too? Maybe the I2C-1 is identified as 2.

The exposed I2C is BUS 1, but it seems that it cannot map within ardupilot even if the definitions is good. Looks like a Bug, I will dig deeper.

OK I just builded a Blue from master, and it works

This is release ArduCopter V3.6-dev (13b56d58)

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I compiled Blue from Copter-3.6 branch and I can confirm it works. Thank you for the help.