PX4 with S8R for quadcopter/drone

do you mean this file sir ?

No, the .bin file not the .tlog. It’s on the flight controller.

i m new in this thing please can you explain more how i can got it ?

Follow the directions in the Wiki. Upload the .bin file to a cloud service (Dropbox, etc) and post a link to it here. Log files are typically too large to attached directly.

i hope its the right things u want

Those are both logs of the Motor Test so no arming is required. Delete all the logs on the Flight Controller, re-boot it, connect and arm it and attempt to spin up the motors. Then disarm and send a link to the saved log.

i arming it by motor test cuz the throttle stick still not working

I understood you to say it was arming. Motor Test Arming is not the same. If you have run the Motor Test and the motor and direction is correct don’t use it anymore. Try to stick arm it (Throttle low, rudder right) and look in the messages screen below the HUD for any error messages shown that is preventing arming. What Flight mode are you trying to arm in? Did you do a Radio Calibration?

Radio calibration is working when I move sticks, just this messages below in pic

, for flight modes all is stabilize

OK, but what happens when you try to stick arm it as I asked???

And did you actually run the radio calibration procedure? Not just looking at the green bar moving, the procedure?

for the 10th times i follow this way , but nothing happend when i try to stick arm ,
my radio calibration is as follwing pic


Those Min/Max values were not shown in the parameter file you posted. This is what RC1 shows which is default. So excuse my skepticism that you had actually performed the radio calibration.
Not the 1162/1830 you are now showing in the calibration screen.

What do these values show in the parameters now? Do they match the calibration screen values? No need to post the file just look at it.

And, if you make an attempt to arm with the stick there should be messages shown in the HUD and the messages tab indicating why it’s not arming.