PX4 VOXL Not Supported by ArduPilot

Ardupilot community,

Are there any plans to support PX4-VOXL flight controller and development board using Mission Planner and Arduplane FW?

Most civilian and DoD are prohibiting the use of Chinese made components. Congress will review the Bill in the coming months and chances are that it will be approved, making a law. You can read this in the link below:

ModelAI a San Diego-based company makes FC in the US. Currently there FC is supported by Px4 stack and QGC.

Their VOXL development board offers Digital video, LTE connectivity, GPS loss safety, and much more. Sort of a Pi board for expansion.

I would like to know from the Ardu community what is there take on this. Maybe someone already have Ardupilot working on this HW, we just don’t know about it?

ArduPilot support on VOXL Flight is starting to come online. Details can be found here

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