PX4 not downloading SD card logs via mavLink

Hi Michael,

When I try to use the new front page download log files using MavLink command (connected of course), I get an error message that no files were available. :frowning:

When I do the same thing in the Terminal (CLI) mode it works fine. :slight_smile:

No big deal, but at least on PX4 Mavlink file download doesn’t seem to be working.

(Same problem on 2 different PX4s and sets of logs on 2 different vehicles).

Best Regards,


the current firmware versions don’t support the new log download method yet. on the next version they should support it

Hi everybody
It is sometime that my Pixhawk is not downloading anything. When I go to “Download dataflash Log via Mavlink” it shows “no logs to download”. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and also tested another Pixhawk but still nothing.The Pixhawk connects and shows the tilt but nothing to download even if I remove the SD card and insert that into my laptop. Any ideas what is wrong?