PX4 Autopilot for planes/Fixed Wing UAVs


I have got a PX4 Autopilot and I want to use it for a Fixed Wing UAV.

As I am new to it, I am trying my way best to get all the things done correctly and precisely. But, I need your help and inputs for all the steps I should follow to get my plane fly perfectly in one go.

I would like you to help me out from loading firmware, calibration to the fixing/installation of the Autopilot in my UAV. I really need your help as I am going to using it for the first time in a fixed wing vehicle.

Looking forward for your answers.

I am thankful to you for your help.

Please read the documentation. http://ardupilot.org/ardupilot/

I have gone through that.
I think I am repeatedly making mistake in compass calibration. Also, after calibrating, my servo is not operating. It does have power but it is not operating.

I need some important tips, apart from manual, from those who have practically done it, faced problems and then solved it.