PX4 airspeed sensor not working on i2c splitter

Pixracer with px4 airspeed sensor (MS4525DO), i2c splitter. On battery power.

For some reason I can only get airspeed to work when nothing else is plugged into the splitter. If I plug in a gps I will get satellites but airspeed will stop reading. Has anyone else had this issue?

MS4525DO is a quite picky for i2c voltage levels, cable length and termination. The best solution is to use an active i2c hub, which takes care of the necessary signal conditioning.


Just bought that. Thanks for the info.

Anyone else having trouble with this? I bought the active i2c hub and both of my airspeed sensors will only work when plugged directly into the pixracer. Gps works fine when plugged into the hub. I have the MS4525DO, I’ve used both voltage levels on the hub. arspd_bus = 1, arspd pin = 65, arspd_primary = 0, psi range = 1. It never completes calibration during preflight_calibration. This is with plane 3.9.3

perhaps the pinout on the i2c hub isn’t the same order as the airspeed sensor? I tried again with the airspeed sensor connected directly to the pixracer and it works fine. I can’t find any documentation on the i2c hub.

I think you can try UAVCAN airspeed.