Pwm values from fc to esc


What is the relationship between RCIN and RCOUT?

I’ve tried to compare the RCIN and RCOUT values for CH1 from the .bin file but i can’t quite figure out how they are related with one another.

Below is the graph that i was looking at.

00000474.BIN (708 KB)

I’ve attached my .bin file for any one who would like to look at it.

There is no relation.

RC In is a pilot order (roll, pitch, yaw, climb)

RC Out is the computed signal sent to each motor (RC Out 1 to X) to follow the order.


But generally if i were to increase my RCIN pwm value, should the RCOUT also increase?

I am also not very familiar with how much pwm value an ESC needs, but is it normal to see values of approximately 1400?

Thank you

At 1400 to maintain hover, you are on the good side. Around 1300, you are limit to over powered.

Read the wiki…

RC In 3 (in most cases) control Power. RC out for all motors will follow RC In 3 like when you climb or increase ground speed.


Can i trouble you for the wiki link please?

All relevant information is here.