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PWM from Pixhawk to RaspberryPi

Hi all,

I’m working on a project and am stumped on this last step for what I need. I’ve been developing my own sensor for my drone, and during the development I manually triggered the camera either by manually taking a photo or using a looping code to execute a trigger.

However, now I need that camera to be triggered via PWM. I have a camera hooked up to my RaspberryPi 3 Model B, and would like it to receive a command from a program when PWM signal is at a certain value.
For reference, slightly similar to this project, minus the GoPro camera.

Basically my questions are: How can I wire the Pi & Pixhawk in order for it to receive PWM set by Mission Planner? and how can receive some sort of real time PWM value data on the Pi? (for example, he uses HTTP in the above link.)

Thanks in advance :grinning:

Hello Will,

Looking at the script and it is not reading PWM but a logical High-Low on the RPI GPIO.
Make sure that you put channel in RELAY mode, this is confusing because the picture show the wrong setup , but the instructions are: ‘’…Select “Relay” for the Shutter output (not RC10 as shown in the above image example)…’’

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