PWM for H-bridge DC controllers

My ardurover project use H-bridges with direction pin. I try read code that is there parameter already to get 0-100% PWM out from motor channel and separated direction pin. I did not find any trace of this kind feature yet.
Any ideas what is right way to implement this kind feature? I am not familiar with APM code so I start think that one possibility is that I just put external arduino to convert servo pwm to proper format. Anyway I use navio2 so another hand I have plenty on cpu power and spare output pins what I can use for getting that directly from board it self.

I put this to feature request category because another hand this can be good feature at main firmware. I think that in rover use there is many cases when 0-100% + direction is needed instead of servo pwm.

Hello, it is in the todo list of Rover ! There already is an initial implementation on Copter but Rover need some work on its motors control before be able to use true PWM signal!

Ah great. Any ideas when this is maybe coming? Can I speed up that with some kind donation? :slight_smile: I currently build remote controllable snow blow and this is part of that project.

No ETA for now. I could do it but don’t have time for now…
I will try to propose it as GSOC but it is for may…