PWM and SBUS out servo commands scaling problem

I’m trying to connect the output of the pixhawk to KBar flybarless controller.
Have some major issues with it.
The command to the controller has to be full span and trimmed. i had first changed the radio settings for the servo outputs to fit the FBL.
Trying to hoover like that got me some violent non controlled movemen, so i decided to scale the output of the out going pixhawk channels.
Alas, all i did, did not scale the servo output. i checked with parallel servo installed directly to the main out and in the controller setup program and got the same results.
The SERVOxx_FUNCTION was initially set to RCINxx.
Eventually i changed the SERVOxx_FUNCTION to MOTORxx and have now a limited ability to scale the output. still lacking on the span…
Is there something i’m missing ?

Also for the sake of using such instrumentation and do auto servo test there shuld be a time pause for the pixhawk so it will not distrupt the bootup of the FBL controller.