PVC Boat - First time build

Just want to share my first attempt to build DIY Boat from PVC.

Been a while reading the ArduBoat forum, and interested to build my own DIY Boat, the purpose for this build is for learning how it works, so performance is not the priority for now. This is the plan:

And the materials used:

It’s easy and available in the hardware store.

I have Autopilot hardware, Pixhawk and APM Clone version, for this build I will use the APM Clone version.

I use food container for waterproof box for electronic kit, motors are from OpenROV kit, will use this motors for thruster in this build, and ESC from my RC Plane, HobbyKing 20A Blue ESC

Radio TX and RX using Taranis X9D Plus, and FrSky V8FR-II.

Now, time to fit it all together

I don’t have enough cable for connecting motors to ESC for now, waiting for cable from the store.

Will update for the next progress, any comment and suggestion are welcome.

Thank you.

Did you ever complete this project? I’m curious how it came out!