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Pushing a Parrot Disco to the limit

(Alex Sjodahl) #82

From what I understand is that the Arduplane works on the Disco , the issue is that Parrots firmware update killed the stream.
For all we know it “might” be an easy fix?, like change of streaming port/ports, streaming address.
Or it is something much more complicated and time consuming.

I also wonder how similar the disco is to the Bebop in regards to fw and documentation?, there are tons of “how to’s” for the Bebop like changing camera and streaming options via config files.
Since the documentation for this stuff is non existent for the Disco maybe it is worth reading up on the Bebop?.

(macfly1202) #83

I think DIFF could be done between working version and actual, trying to find the difference. It seems one of the developers on the project at Parrot leave them (Julien) … Perhaps it’s simply the reason: nobody care except him - to have a continuous working build version. Sadly…

(Florentino DeLaguna) #84

I agree Parrot has been great with me, As with any organization you sill get certain people that know a lot and a bunch that don’t however over all Parrot’s better than many about openess, however I am still petitioning them to let the Disco work with pix4d for mapping, I think its the least they can do for the many users who have bought their expensive drone. A little more value would be nice. It by no way would replace a ecobee or Sequoia but would be a nice nod to those who backed up their drone with purchases when many were saying it wasn’t worth it.