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Pushing a Parrot Disco to the limit

(Alex Sjodahl) #82

From what I understand is that the Arduplane works on the Disco , the issue is that Parrots firmware update killed the stream.
For all we know it “might” be an easy fix?, like change of streaming port/ports, streaming address.
Or it is something much more complicated and time consuming.

I also wonder how similar the disco is to the Bebop in regards to fw and documentation?, there are tons of “how to’s” for the Bebop like changing camera and streaming options via config files.
Since the documentation for this stuff is non existent for the Disco maybe it is worth reading up on the Bebop?.

(macfly1202) #83

I think DIFF could be done between working version and actual, trying to find the difference. It seems one of the developers on the project at Parrot leave them (Julien) … Perhaps it’s simply the reason: nobody care except him - to have a continuous working build version. Sadly…

(Florentino DeLaguna) #84

I agree Parrot has been great with me, As with any organization you sill get certain people that know a lot and a bunch that don’t however over all Parrot’s better than many about openess, however I am still petitioning them to let the Disco work with pix4d for mapping, I think its the least they can do for the many users who have bought their expensive drone. A little more value would be nice. It by no way would replace a ecobee or Sequoia but would be a nice nod to those who backed up their drone with purchases when many were saying it wasn’t worth it.

(Gus Whitehouse) #88

get everyone including yourself to HEART Tridges post above might help hes the only man for the job

(Brian) #89

We all agree that it would be great if one of the Arduplane Devs could spend some time on the Disco, getting all of the sensors working, reverse thrust, and VIDEO. It sure would be great.

With that being said, here is the latest innovation in the Parrot Disco realm: Disco 4G softmod. It’s really fantastic. If you have not tried it, you are missing out.

(Brian) #90

Downgrade your Parrot Disco firmware, thanks to softice for the excellent instructions:

I’m sure that some of you see where I am going with this. You can simply change the path of the .plf file in the instructions from 1.4.1 to 1.0.3 or 1.0.5 to grab a copy of the old Disco firmware before they changed it, breaking video recording when running Ardupilot. SO, anyone want to try downgrading their Disco FW to 1.0.3 or 1.0.5 ??? :grinning:

(Kikislater) #91

Removing Chuck, putting an FC like omnibus F4 and EZ WifiBroadcast and no longer limitations on this frame …

Why spending time on i2c esc, it’s the only frame to have it and it seems to be discontuned by Parrot ? Recording video ok, but no FPV … so feature is +/- usefull …

(Gus Whitehouse) #92

get everyone including yourself to HEART Tridges post above might help hes the only man for the job

(Gus Whitehouse) #93

Is there anyone flying with this? And cam someone with no programming experience install it. It seems Office Works here in Australia has a limited number of these modems. Does the modem model really matter? Or is it just the ome thats been tested? Been waitting a long time for 3/4g flight can npt wait.
I was putting together a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to attach ro my pix4 but reading the material this looks just like what I wanted. While it says it does everything the same I take it it streams the video also? Anyone in Sydney doing this for some assistance?
Shame it was sold as ardupilot ready and only worked for a short time, video wise. Bloody great job whoever wrote this will be makeing a donation once setup.

(Marc Dornan) #94

Yes. Lots if people flying with it. It is quite easy to install.

(Gus Whitehouse) #95

This is also really cool. But might as well use the hardware while its there and working. Your builds look great. Does the top build with the two antenna work over 4g also?

(Radial.Blue) #96

So I managed to get video streaming to my laptop and recording working whilst running ardupilot. Latest version of Parrot Disco firmware required me to copy latest APM binary to /data/ftp/internal_000/ardupilot/arduplane once that is done 3 quick presses on PWR will put device into APM mode.

I connected my laptop to CHUCK through USB cable, had a little poke around and found this interesting tool called “pimpctl” which handles setting up an RTP/h.264 stream to a host IP/PORT. This seems to work great and the same command also allows you to start recording highdef to mass storage on the CHUCK.

One caveat here, if you start the wing and controller and you connect through freeflight, the pimp daemon is broken. So you have to power on aircraft, then enable APM with three short presses. So this may be related to the issues some of you have been having with the stream/recording halting, as dragon does all this magic internally as one monolithic beast of a binary.

My next experiment will be to connect a USB2 -> Ethernet adapter to the SkyController 2, then using some iptables magic or maybe even ADB as it’s there, I should be able to start the stream, targetted to the SkyController, then route that data out of the SkyController to my laptop connected via the USB Ethernet adaptor. This should allow me to get long range telemetry and video (well, same range as you’d get with the normal SC+Disco setup) but with APM.

Hope you guys find this post informative. Let me know if you’ve got any questions or any useful hints, tips, or whatever. :slight_smile:

(Kikislater) #97

Nice found about pimp-ctl ! It’s documented on this doc :

Video on Disco
pimp-ctl stream-start 9999

gst-launch on remote side
gst-launch-1.0 udpsrc port=9999 ! ”application/x-rtp,
payload=96” ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! autovideosink

(Kikislater) #98

pimpctl command detail :

pimpctl -h
usage: pimpctl []
Send a command to pimp daemon.

Global options:
-h, --help this help

General commands:
list-cameras print the list of available cameras

Stream commands:
stream-start send a start streaming order
stream-stop send a stop streaming order

Picture commands:
take-picture send a take picture order

Recording commands:
recording-start send a start recording order
recording-stop send a stop recording order

Follow-me commands
set-target x++ set a new target area
unset-target unset current target area

Debug commands
dump-pipeline dump pipelines

Camera orientation commands
set-controller <controller_id> set a new camera controller
0 -> USER FLAT (yaw axis is free)
1 -> USER ABSOLUTE (fully stabilized)
2 -> USER FPV (fixed relatively to the drone))

set camera orientation (in degree CCW)
y -> yaw pitch rotatio (psi euler angle)
p -> pitch rotation (theta euler angle)
r -> roll rotation (phi euler angle)

Magic carpet:
add-magic-carpet add magic carpet elements in pipeline

(macfly1202) #99

Very nice to found this @Radial.Blue and @kikislater. About camera orientation, it’s cool ! If I understand correctly, 1 -> USER ABSOLUTE (fully stabilized) is used actually on Dragon in RTH mode, isn’t it ?

(Kikislater) #100

Yes it seems that’s what it’s use in Dargon autopilot by default

(Michael S. Moorhead) #101

Hi all,

Newcomer here. Wondering whether the video while using ardupilot/disco issue has been resolved?

I’m technically capable, but out of my area here. I see the pimp-ctl messages above, but am unclear where this code should be included.

Thanks for your help!

(Chris Smith) #102

Hi will the tbs crossfire v2 work with the parrot disco.thanks.

(Sean Erickson) #103

Hello All,
2 things.

  1. @tridge is probably doing final tuning on his Outback Challenge (OBC) aircraft - so he’ll be busy until Oct. Let’s not bother him until after then.

  2. I have 2 disco’s and have worked with the scripts a little bit. I am happy to test the setup that we think was last successful (with Video working). Once I have this tested, I will post the how to for all to use. Could you (anyone) please give me a few version numbers to start with?
    A. Arduplane version - 3.x?
    B. Disco version - 1.0.5 or 1.4.1 or ?

I will download and setup the appropriate versions on my Chucks and let you know what I run into.

I have already flown these aircraft on 200+ flights and used them extensively for survey and mapping missions (using the FreeFlight pro software) - they are great. If you are interested in my setup, I’m happy to share.


(Alex) #104

Recording can be started and stopped with these commands:

pimpctl recording-start front
pimpctl recording-stop front

But first connect to the Disco wifi then with adb or telnet:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

adb connect


Recordings will be in