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Pushing a Parrot Disco to the limit

(Brian) #62

I have been waiting and hoping someone would figure this out as well, with the latest Parrot Disco firmware or at the very least post a method to downgrade the Disco firmware to the version Tridge used when he had it all working, but to no avail…

I’d love to keep my CHUCK in the Disco and use Ardupilot, but without at least video recording, I’m probably going to pull it out of the plane. In a perfect world Ardupilot could use all of the built in sensors and Autoland as perfect as the Parrot Dragon Autopilot, but again, no one seems to be working on this, or does not have the time. It sure would make the Disco into a killer product, but so it goes, get our hopes up, and then let us down, ugh. I’ll keep waiting and hoping, as I start to diss-assemble my Disco and pull the CHUCK out, to sit on a shelf.

(Marc Dornan) #63

Well I cannot see it getting better. Parrot are pulling out of the consumer fixed wing market it seems. Understandable really. I expect we can get the camera working though – that must be a simple enough fix. I have two of these on order (only $399) and I will put one on Ardupilot and one on Dragon. I am still holding out hope that I can figure out a 4G solution that allows this to fly with the Dragon.

Even getting telemetry out through an RFD900 would suffice for me.

(Marc Dornan) #64

Is there a reason why you are not using Parrot’s firmware?

(Marc Dornan) #65

Hi Tridge – I have a few of these Discos coming as they are on clearance basically. There have been numerous requests or questions about getting Mavlink back while running Ardupilot.

Can we not use some start up scripting to put 19.2k Mavlink on the USB port and then feed whatever modem via a USB to FTDI convertor. I will look at this myself when I get them delivered. Can you make a suggestion as to whether this is easily done. EDIT – I am thinking now an ESP8266 Mavlink bridge may be the easiest approach.

Also, do you know why the camera is not working with Ardupilot?

Any chance you will be able to blow dust off yours and look at it. I do not think we will see any firmware updates from Parrot so any efforts made now will likely not need revisiting again.

(Joe C) #66

I will be looking into putting the Pixhawk 2.1 in a disco very soon, I need to get an additional air frame and will make a few modification to the air frame for more stability. similar to the new EBee+. Also use a larger motor/prop with lower KV should help slow it down a little bit. And a VTOL would be ideal.

I have not seen any good results or finished project from anyone yet.

With the Pixhawk 2.1 and Here+ should get a little better photogrammetry results. Ultimately use a RTK system in it.

If anyone has an extra air frame let me know otherwise I will get the wings and body from B&H for 70.00 each plus a nose cone for 20.00.


(Marc Dornan) #67

Why modify this airframe so extensively. Just get a sky walker X5. By the time you have replaced everything ( servos as well ) it will be too heavy most likely.

An X5 is designed to carry a mapping payload.

(Alex Sjodahl) #68

I am also hoping that someone smarter then me can figure out and fix the video stream issue with the Disco.
All my other planes are arduplane and I would love to get the video stream and recording function working on the Disco.

(James Pattison) #69

Might ping @tridge who I happen to know pulled his Disco out yesterday :slight_smile:

(Marc Dornan) #70

So pleased to hear he blew the cobwebs off his Disco! I know the guy must be insanely busy so it can hardly be a priority.

(Joseph) #71

This may be a silly question but this is my first time trying to start arduplane on the disco using mission planner. I can connect the Disco via wifi to mission planer on PC and I get telem data using dragon but once I click over to Ardupilot it takes forever to initialize and then it recognizes it as a quad copter. Anyone else experience this?

(James Pattison) #72

Just to make sure he can’t hide: @OXINARF has just received a Disco. If there are bugs, he’ll find them :wink:

(Kikislater) #73

May be no bug but i2C esc not working in reverse trust mode like stock firmware and sonar not working !

(DcM) #74

Good morning everyone,
a new one with the Disco, although I have been using APM and Pixhawk for some time. Now, after buying the Disc and after trying for a few days the original system of the Disc, my intention is to load Arduplane since it certainly gives more game to make fun flights.
I see that with the last signature of the Disc the video is not obtained through Dragon. It is possible to update from the first version to 1.3.1. or is it mandatory to update directly until the latest version ???
Hopefully with the price drop and the massive purchase of the latest units more people will join this fantastic wing and reactivate the development of Ardupilot for the Disco.
Thanks to @tridge and the rest of your classmates for your time in development.

(Marc Dornan) #75

Noone has been able to figure this out, sadly. Yet.

(DcM) #76

It is curious that to firm more closed, for example the DJI, everything is more developed by the users.
I think that Parrot Disco is little modified by users and its use is quite fixed by the manufacturer and the app.
With a bit of luck the drop in prices will cause a greater interest in the opening of the software and its modification to get a bird even more fun.

(macfly1202) #77

5 months later, the question about video stream broken on firmware 1.4.1 still exist. no solution. I suppose the solution would be to collect found and paid a Linux/c++ engineer to solve this specific issue ? Seriously … or buy an Erle brain 3 with Linux specialized guy behind. Even if one co-writer of Linux samba (@Tridge) is here, he has tons of things to dev and debug.
I really don’t understand why the only video solution with arduplane (with recently erle brain 3) has so few interest from arduplane team. Video and osd has always been the last pieces of the stack no one want to care about…
After that, arduplane users goes to vector then iNav…
Tomorrow I will light a candle in the 1st corner church to have video on my disco for Christmas 2018. Waiting that time, I put my lipo in storage mode and will play with Ardurevo…

(Gus Whitehouse) #78

Firstly a big thankyou to all the developmemt team I had no idea how many Aussies where involved, just moved from parrot quads which will flash especially if dual boot. You guys are amazing without you the hobby would be years behind. Glad that in some cases the net has provided really productive communities. Amazing to read the history of the project, WELL DONE ALL!
I have just been informed that the Arduplane build has issues with the new parrot Disco firmware. Is this True? I have just snapped 1 up for 499 Au and would like to run mavlink. I am going to use Qx7 with Ezuhf but dont want to flash if there is an issue as of 8 March 2018. I was informed that @tridge Tridge you may be working on this and to wait a few months True or False?
And with video I take it that thats still an issue getting the feed from CHUCK camera? Any issue just mounting external VTX? LASTLY well kind of, does mavlink work on standard firmware or at all? Plus dual boot still going?
O also anyway of backing up origonal firmware if you want to return to stock Disco setup?
I would prefer not to brick my new plane first day as it arrives Friday so really want ro fly have the some of you great people can help.

Cheers in advance.

(Marc Dornan) #79

@macfly It is indeed sad. Unless there is a vendor to sponsor the work it is not likely to get done. I am pretty hopeless with Linux. I had planned to just use Parrot’s firmware. I am not inspired by the number of flyaways I am hearing about – it clearly has issues. I really want to migrate to Ardupilot but it really seems pointless if the camera is disabled…

(Alex Sjodahl) #80

Ok I don’t know exactly how or if we even could but, what about we actually do what “Macfly” suggested and created a fund were people can donate to get the issue with the Disco’s video stream fixed?.

Maybe we could even donate the fund to Tridge/Ardupilot to get it fixed?., I’m just throwing out ideas because I really want Arduplane and a working video stream for my Disco, right now it’s just sitting getting hangar-rash.

If anyone else have any better ideas please speak up.

(Marc Dornan) #81

Well I am not now convinced yet that the Parrot firmware is bad actually. The issue is short range really. I have been trying to work on a modification to get extended range – if I get 3-4 miles I would be happy.

And ideal scenario would be to use Ardupilot and have a streaming camera and have long range control in combination with an extra lightweight FPV camera and lightweight 1.3 vtx. In reality I do not think anyone is going to devote the time to fixing this issue. Sad but probably true.