Push Button with a Servo

Hello everybody,
Is it possible to use a Servo in a Mission, when it arrives at the waypoint it press a button and then goes back to zero position? I think about if …can use the camera shutter function?

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have a look at the do_set_servo command


Hi Peter,

i’ve just tested with the do_servo command.
But the Servo stays after the command on pressed possitionand don’t move back to zero.

use a second command do_set_servo to set them to zero

I used a servo to trigger a Canon s110 years ago on a helicopter. I set it up as a camera trigger and then used it in auto missions. It worked well and actually I did a lot of photo stitching with it. The trick was to set the min and max properly so the servo was not over exerting itself after the shutter button was fully depressed.

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You can also use the “do_digicam_control” functionality/ command when reaching a way point and actuate a servo with it. You can accurately control limits for min and max values.

More info: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-camera-shutter-with-servo.html#shutter-configuration-with-pixhawk

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Thank’s , i will test it and give feedback.