Purple Cube vs Black Cube

I have a number of copters, but a shortage of cubes. I noticed that there is now a purple version that is significantly less expensive than the black one.

Why are the reasons that I would choose a Black Cube over a Purple Cube?

In addition, I also have a 3DR Solo in the corner with a stock cube. I know I can solder the jumper to make a black cube to 5v instead of using a green cube. Does the purple cube also have that ability?


Purple is meant for ground vehicles - it does not have the internal vibration isolation.

Thank you so much for that information! It was surprisingly difficult to find in the public space.


Black and Blue Cubes also feature triple redundant IMUs. Purple only has 1 IMU. Again, this would become important when flying as opposed to a ground vehicle. Obviously, there is a lower risk of injury/damage when a ground vehicle suffers an IMU failure.