Pulsing in AltHold, Loiter


I’ve some small problems with my copter pulsing a bit up and down while using loiter or althold (stabilized is fine though) where you can hear the copter giving throttle to maintain the alt and then lowering throttle too much to again raise it too much (pulse) and so on…

I’ve read that I may need to reduce some throttle P value, but I’m not sure, so I thought I may ask here along with a little screenshot of the log graph while loiter mode:

dropbox.com/s/ub4p2z3kvngwy … .41.17.png

Can anyone confirm/tell me what I would need to change? Copter was tuned using auto tune before btw and flies really well.

I optimized the throttle mid without any changes to the pulsing.
Also I’ve set ThrottleAccel P from 1.0 to 0.5, making it even worse. Hmm…

I think I’ll see if I can change those values using my tablet literally on the fly these days.

I’ve read some posts that you need to switch modes in flight to use the updated values, is this still true with 3.1? Any hint what values would be best to change/check?