PulsedLight Lidar and APM or/and pixhawk

I have a Pulced Light Lidar and it works great on Arduino Mini and test software.
Just for grins I tried an APM2 with the LIDAR.
I tried it on the pixhawk and sad to report it does NOT work.
So I guess the Pixhawk code does NOT support LIDAR yet.
Can someone else confirm what I found.
I did follow the instructions to set the range parameters.

It should work on the Pixhawk.

Can you give more info on how you have it set up?

If this is an I2C problem, I am having the same issues.

Just curious…what is Lidar used for (I know it measures distance) or what will you use it for?

Hi All,
Before attempting to use the LIDAR-Lite on the Pixhawk, read this discussion thread https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/drones-discuss/VpQe2t4juk4
The LIDAR Lite appears to affect GPS performance, however a fix appears to be in the works if you read the latest posts in the discussion thread.

Yes, good point Tom.

I’ve wired mine up, but instead of 5V from a BEC, I thought I’d try running it from the servo rail of the pixhawk.

Needless to say, it doesn’t appear to be working. But it should work ok, shouldn’t it?

Might want to check the current draw of the LIDAR. Most rails don’t allow much current draw. You can damage the rail by trying.

Docs indicate LIDAR does not work with APM, but works with Pixhawk. I’m wondering why that is, and what you did to get it working. silverburn and drchon indicated it may be a current draw issue. I can wire to a BEC, if that is the issue. Would really like LIDAR on my APM powered hexa.