Pulling correct Auto tune settings from an almost complete tuning flight

I was auto tuning my quad on the only good weather day I had available for some time and it failed midway through the last tune (YAW) but had completed pitch and roll.

Through the log file is there a way to pull the completed Autotune data from pitch and roll to assign to the software manually ?. It auto return to launch on failsafe for battery low partly because for some reason the battery capacity had reverted back to 4500mah and also I underestimated how long it was going to take and should of done each axis separate.

Thanks !.

Yes. If you look at the logs you can see the last setting it was trying. Copy those and manually put them in the corresponding spots and you should be good to try again from where you left off.


There is the log.

From what I can figure out the Roll default P value was 0.11388 and finished at 0.2424406
Pitch default value was 0.11388 and finished at 0.2552006
Yaw default value was 0.180 and finished at 0.6400211

D Values
Roll 0.0036 to 0.007069147
Pitch 0.0036 to 0.009832443
Yaw 0.00 to 5.0

Are these the correct figures ? just want to double check before I save them. My plan is to save the Pitch and Roll values then autotune the YAW separate on a future flight but it seemed good when I brought back in on the landing.

Do you have the Bin file?

I think this is it: