PSCN PSCE are not logged properlly in PosHold

Hello everyone,

I’ve been encountering an issue with logging desired North (PSCN) and desired East (PSCE) positions on my ArduPilot setup. As shown in the attached graph, it seems that these parameters are not being logged correctly. The data points appear sparse in POSHOLD mode so that I cannot analyze the control performance of its position.
I checked my GPS and it is fine.

Anyone can help?

I did a couple of posts explaining the LOG BITMASK parameter in the methodic configuration thread. You might want to take a look at that

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Thank you for your previous suggestion regarding the log_bitmask settings. I have set the log_bitmask as recommended, but I am still encountering issues with PSCN and PSCE logs not recording properly unlike PSCD as second image.

After reviewing the logging code, it appears that the condition is_active_xy() in the AC_PosControl::write_log() function may not be triggering, which seems to be the root cause as third image.

PSCN PSCE are logged with loiter mode for position controller tuning

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