PSC Log Item Details

I had a multirotor that was having some issues holding position and went to investigate the logs today. After quite a bit of searching, I found out that in dataflash logs, NTUN messages were renamed as PSC messages starting in AC 3.6.0.

There’s information in the wiki for what each of the NTUN messages meant, however, it seems all the titles have changed, (TPX, TPY, PX, PY, TVX, TVY, VX, VY, TAX, YAY, AX, AY).

Are these fields and descriptions documented anywhere that I could read up on?

TPX = Desired position in X
TPY = Desired position in X
PX = Current position X relative to the home location in cm
PY = Current position Y relative to the home location in cm
TVX = Desired velocity in X
TVY = Desired velocity in Y
VX = Current velocity X in cm/s
VY = Current velocity Y in cm/s
TAX = Desired acceleration in X
TAY = Desired acceleration in Y
AX = Current acceleration X in cm/s/s
AY = Current acceleration Y in cm/s/