Proximity window not refresh regularly

Proximity window couldn’t refresh by its own …i have to do minimize or maximize to get updated obstacles view .

On which op system ? Which version of MP ?

Its ISTRA24 from CUAV and mission planner version is build 1.3.8369.10128.

I keep getting this error randomly too.

You have to keep the proximity windows on top.

Ok thats fine but what about this prearm error im getting.

This is exactly what it says. To arm you need clearance from the proximity sensor at least 0.6m, but it detects something closer than that. (Ground, grass etc.)

But after some time prearm error automatically goes away and i didn’t move drone too…

I have set AVOID_MARGIN = 4

After took off the drone i couldn’t move drone forward even there were no obstacles within 4m range …it moved back when i gave forward command.