Proximity sensors on pixhawk


I triyed to add sensors on my 450 heli which was flying pretty good before.
I own a pixhawk 2.4.8 (FW detect a PX4 FMUV2) on it.
I loaded copter 3.2.1 to fly.
The sensors are 3 GYUS42 for proximity and 1 VL53L1X laser sensor for low altitude.
All the 4 are I2C protocol connected, tested on aduino and address checked.

Impossible to have it work… Prearm alert say rangefinder1 (alt) is not detect and 3 other proximity need to be check.

I don’t know what is the problem.

(Lien vers mon image )

You need to read the wiki to understand why the pre-arm requires you to raise the copter, to let the software test that the sensor is working. Besides that you should update to ArduCopter 4.0.5.

need to raise the copter at pe-arm check? Never read it… but maybe, I’ll test.

And for the update, I’m not sure the last release will workon my board.

If you have an APM 2.8 board it will not work. If you have any Pixhawk board it will work:

Could you tell me where can I find my board type and ardupilot version? With APMplanner or QGC.
thank you

With QGC use this for that FC.

Yes, I did it :sourire:

But I would have liked check which one is on my board actualy