Proximity Sensor - DISTANCE_SENSOR Mavlink Message

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the proximity sensor configuration via Mavlink Message on my drone. I am using mission planner as a ground controler.

I send Mavlink messages from my drone with DISTANCE_SENSOR message (System ID = 1 and component ID = MAV_COMP_ID_PATHPLANNER (195)).
I have configured AVOID_ENABLE to All and PRX_TYPE to Mavlink on the drone.

I get the attached image. In the mavlink inspector everything seems to work, I do receive the messages in the mission planner but on the other hand in the proximity viewer nothing is displayed. I had already used this method on an old project and it was working fine.

Can you tell me, if it’s just a graphics issue or if there is something I missed.

Thank you in advance.

mission planner is expecting the message to be originating from the autopilot, not a component.

if your component sent out a heartbeat, MP would show it as a separate element in the drop down list in the top right, and then could show the proximity screen for that sysid/compid element.

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also, have you confirmed that ArduPilot is even processing your component messages? im not sure is a component source is supported

Thanks for your help,

Indeed, I had incorrectly sent my heartbeat message from the component.

Now it’s work fine and I can see data in the proximity screen.

Bom dia, estou com a mensagem problema no LIDAR aparecendo no mission planner
Poderiam me ajudar a configurar o sensor NRA15 MMW.
Atualmente está configurado no mission planner como sensor 11- uLanding, alguém sabe me informar se está correto?

Hello Guys,

I am also having similar issues

I have a companion computer (rpi zero with three maxbotix i2c sensors connected to it and I am using pymavlink) that is connected to my CubeBlack via UART running the latest stable V4.1.5 version

the companion computer is sending DISTANCE_SENSOR Mavlink messages to the CubeBlack and its being displayed on mission planner via the Mavlink Inspector

However, it seems like my CubeBlack is not accepting the message as I do not see it on the Proximity and the values on the three range finder

I have the orientation to match what is in the params and the DISTANCE_SENSOR messages


However, from doing trial and error by changing the orientation to 25 specifically I get the DISTANCE_SENSOR message through and it reads for all three range finders. …

I have also signed the mavlink message that I am sending, Sending a heartbeat and changing the component id and system id. - not luck there…

However, When I run the current master, which is at V4.2.X it all works fine

Could this be a bug on V4.1.5???

Please advice

Thank you so much

I figured it out

WIth copter-4.1 - It only does accept downward facing range finder

With current master