Protocol rc st24 firmware stable

Hello why st24 protocol rc (1024) not work in ardurover v4.4.0 stable ?
But work in ardurover v4.5.0 master

Does it matter why if you want it to work?
St24 Merge

I use the st16 with qgroundcontrol with an esp transform the yuneec protocol into ppm
it would be cool to use directly on the dms port
he walks with the master
but not with the stable

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So use Master.

yes but I ask myself the question is the dev firmware dangerous to use or not
like the beta

AFAIK Master isn’t recommend for operational use. IMHO if you have the necessary capabilities you should consider back porting it onto stable.

Create a GitHub issue requesting the backport. If the bug is as serious as the PR indicates, that should’ve been done already anyway.

hello yes I think that this had been done but the st24 protocol only works in master

It does not appear to have been backported, which is why you should create the GitHub issue to request it.

I hope the request will be validated

Thank you Yuri_Rage
I made the request but it was the first time I requested a backreport without really knowing how