Pros / cons of enabling Galileo satellite positioning on Ublox M8N?

The release notes for the Ublox M8N v3.01 firmware states:

  • 'The recommended maximum navigation rate supported is 5 Hz for standard multi-GNSS operation (GPS + SBAS + GLONASS + QZSS) and 10 Hz for single GNSS operation.
  • When Galileo is enabled, then the maximum navigation rate when executed from flash is 3 Hz.’

Copter 3.4 specifies a minimum GPS update rate of 5Hz when set to automatically configure the GPS receiver - so does this imply that 3Hz would be too slow and it’s best to stick with just GPS and GLONASS at 5Hz?

Or… would it be more beneficial to have the improved position accuracy from having 3-5 extra usable satellites from Galileo?

Anybody have any thoughts or experience with this?